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“For a company to achieve the desired result, its culture – what people think and do – must be aligned with the result.”

-Roger Connors, Author of The Oz Principle: Getting Results Through Individual And Organizational Accountability

People are the backbone of any company.  Companies exist to make and sell products and services, but the best technology in the world will not achieve those results without the efforts of people.  We trust leaders to make sure that the talents of every individual are used appropriately to drive results.  Without leaders there tends to be a lot of action, but very little results.

At James Bowles and Associates, LLC, we focus on developing leaders (at the individual level) and leadership (at the organizational level):

Leader Development

People aren't all born with the natural ability to lead, just as people aren’t all born with the ability to play a musical instrument. Through individualized and group development, people can develop their leadership effectiveness.  Different personal characteristics can help or hinder a person's leadership effectiveness, which drives the requirement for individualized programs for developing leadership competencies.

Leadership Development.

Organizations have come to understand that leadership can be developed by strengthening the alignment of the efforts of individual leaders and the systems through which they manage organizational operations. Leadership development focuses on the development of leadership as a process. This includes interpersonal relationships, organizational culture, team dynamics between the leader and his/her team, and relationships with other teams in the organization.

At James Bowles and Associates, we use a combination of classroom-style training, reading, and individual development to help leaders know more about what is involved in leading well at the group and individual level. However, knowing what to do and actually putting it into practice are two different challenges.  That’s why James Bowles and Associates pairs this leadership development with individualized coaching to drive real behavioral change in the workplace.

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